Athena International Company organizes events aimed at attracting and entertaining people in historical cities, exhibition complexes and shopping centres, at the same time promoting intercultural exchange between different countries.

Years of experience in the field of events organisation have made Athena competent to plan large-scale projects also in touristic and social context – often in cooperation with the local institutions.

The art of Italian taste is one of the themed markets organised by Athena. Carefully selected traders take part in this market to represent the best of the Italian culture and regional cooking traditions. In 2014 a tight-knit group of exhibitors brought the market to 25 different cities in Germany to satisfy the request of the people who appreciate the Italian specialities, for example the famous Sicilian almond paste, various sorts of sheep and goat cheeses from the mountain regions, Parmigiano Reggiano, Parma ham, maybe less famous but delicious truffle and wild boar sausages and salami from Tuscany.

In 2015 The art of Italian taste will be in Germany again, visiting new places and offering also street food.

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  1. Domus Mea is a project about the evolution of our diet from Ancient Rome to the present time. Tasting of ancient and modern food is included. This project is especially suitable for shopping centres
  2. European Market brings together exhibitors from different countries.
  3. Food itinerary offers a guided tour aimed at showing how to realize Italian recipes:
    an educational project about good and healthy Italian cooking.